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Roman & Greek Gods Names 'V'

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No Greek gods names starting with V

Roman Gods and Goddesses Names and Roles

Vacuna, Goddess of agriculture
Vediovus a god of the underworld.
Venilia or Venelia, sea goddess

Venti, the winds, equivalent to the Greek Anemoi: North wind Aquilo or Septentrio (Greek Boreas); South wind Auster (Greek Notus); East wind Vulturnus (Eurus); West wind Favonius (Zephyrus); Northwest wind Caurus
Venus, goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, and gardens
Veritas, goddess of the Roman virtue of veritas or truth.
Verminus, god of cattle worms.
Vertumnus, god of the seasons, gardens and fruit trees.
Vesta, goddess of the hearth, the Roman state, and the sacred fire
Vica Pota, goddess of victory and competitions.
Victoria, goddess of victory
Viduus, God who separated the soul and the body after death
Virbius, a forest god
Virtus, god or goddess of military strength
Volturnus, god of water
Volumna, Goddess who protects the nursery
Voluptas, goddess of pleasure.
Vulcan, god of the forge, fire, and blacksmiths

Vulturnus, God of the East Wind

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