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Roman and Greek Gods

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Roman and Greek Gods & Goddesses
In 146BC the Roman Empire conquered the Greeks. The Romans habitually adopted different ideas and various aspects from other cultures and civilisations. This included the assimilation of the gods and goddesses that were worshipped by other nations. The Ancient Romans simply changed the Greek God names to Latin (Roman) equivalents.

Many of the Roman gods and goddesses were therefore counterparts of the Greek divinities and deities. This practice is called 'syncretism' which means the fusion, or amalgamation, of religious practices and beliefs to form a new system. Additional facts and information about the mythology of these ancient civilizations can be accessed via the following links:

Roman and Greek Gods & Goddesses
According to Ancient Greek mythology and legends, detailed in the Greek Creation Myth and adopted by the Roman Empire, the gods and goddesses consisted of three major groups and generations:

  • The Primeval or Ancient Gods

  • The Titans

  • The Olympian Gods

The Olympian gods achieved supremacy over the older, first, primeval gods and the giant Titan gods when they were victorious in the Battle of the Titans.

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