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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'V'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'V'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'V'.

Venus: Same as Aphrodite, goddess of beauty
 - day of
 - Hippomenes aided by
 - Juno and
Minerva dispute with

 - Paris advised by,
 - Paris saved by
 - Aeneas, son of

Vertumnus: God of the orchards; loved by Pomona

Vesta: Same as Hestia, goddess of fire and of the family hearth
 - birth of

Vestalia: Festivals in honor of Vesta, held in Rome

Vestals: Virgins dedicated to the service of Vesta,

Victoria: Same as Nike, goddess of victory

Volscians: Tribe in Italy who join the Rutules against Aeneas

Vulcan: Same as Hephaestus, god of the forge
 - Jupiterís head cleft by
 - Venus, wife of,
 - armor made by

Vulcanalia: Festivals celebrated in honor of Vulcan

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