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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'T'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'T'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'T'.

Taenarum, or Taenarus: The Greek entrance to Hades on Cimmerian coast


Talaria: Mercury’s winged sandals, given by the gods

Talus: Brazen giant; son of
Vulcan; the watchman of Minos,

Tantalus: Father of Pelops; condemned to hunger and thirst in Hades

Tartarus: Ancient Greek god. Abyss under the earth, where the Titans, etc., were confined,
 - Orpheus’ music heard in
Tauris: Country to which Diana brought Iphigenia
 - visited by Orestes

Telamon: Husband of Hesione, the daughter of Laomedon

Telemachus: Son of Ulysses and Penelope
 - adventures of,

Telephassa: Wife of Agenor; mother of Europa

Tellus: Same as Gaea; name given to Rhea

Tenedos: Island off the coast of Troy

Terminus Greek god of Boundaries, No Greek counterpart

Terpsichore: Muse of dancing; daughter of Jupiter and Mnemosyne

Terra: Same as Gaea, goddess of the earth

Teucer: Ancient king of the Trojans

Thalia: One of the three Graces; daughter of Jupiter and Eurynome
One of the nine Muses; Muse of comedy

Thanatos: Greek god of Death, Roman counterpart Letus or Mors, god of death

Thebes: Capital of Boeotia; founded by Cadmus,
 - Amphion, king of
 - Athamas, king of
 - Pentheus, king of
 - Oedipus, king of

Themis: One of the six female Titans,
 - goddess of justice,

Theophane: Maiden changed by
Neptune into a sheep

Theseus: Son of Aegeus and Aethra; hero of Athens,
Thesmophoria: Festivals in Greece in honor of Ceres

Thessaly: A province of Greece
 - fight of the gods in
 - Admetus, king of
 - Ceyx, king of
 - Aeson, king of,
 - Protesilaus of

Thetis: Mother of Achilles
 - a sea nymph
One of the Titanides
 - marriage feast of,
 - Olympus visited by
 - Achilles comforted by
 - Achilles’ armor brought by
 - Achilles instructed by

Thisbe: Babylonian maiden loved by Pyramus,

Thrace: Country on the Black Sea; the home of Mars,

Thyrsus: The vine encircled wand borne by the followers of Bacchus

Tiber: River in Italy
 - Aeneas sails up the

Tiresias: The blind seer visited by Ulysses on the Cimmerian shore,

 Tisiphone: One of the three Furies, or Eumenides

Titanides: The six daughters of Uranus and Gaea

Titans: Name given to the six sons of Uranus and Gaea,
 - revolt of

Tithonus: Trojan prince who visited Aurora

Tityus: Giant in Tartarus, whose prostrate body covered nine acres

Trachinia: Land where Hercules died

Trinacria: Land visited by Ulysses, whose men slay the cattle of the sun,

Triptolemus: Nursling and protégé of Ceres,

Triton: Greek god of ships and Prince of Atlantis. Son of Neptune and Amphitrite; father of the Tritons,

Troezene: Ancient city in Argolis
 - birthplace of Theseus,

Trojans: Inhabitants of Troy,

Troy: City of Asia Minor, ruled by Laomedon and Priam; war of

Tuccia: Vestal virgin who stood the test of purity

Turnus: Chief of the Rutules; wars against Aeneas

Tuscans: People of Tuscania in Italy, governed by Evander; allies of Aeneas,

Tyndareus: Stepfather of Helen; binds her suitors by oath

Typhoeus: Same as Typhon; monster sent to dethrone Jupiter

Tyche: Greek goddess of luck, destiny and fortune, Roman counterpart Fortuna or Abudantia

Tyre: City in Phoenicia, governed by Sychaeus and Dido

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