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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'S'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'S'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'S'.

Salacia: Same as Amphitrite; wife of Neptune


Salii: Priests appointed to watch the sacred shields in Rome

Salmoneus: King who wished to emulate Jupiter

Sarpedon: Son of Jupiter and Europa
 - slain during the Trojan war

Saturn, or Cronus: Son of Uranus and Gaea
 - father of Jupiter
 - Italy ruled by,
 - husband of Rhea
 - day of

Satyrs: Male divinities of the woods, half man, half goat

Scaean Gate: Gate which led from Troy to the plain

Sciron: Giant encountered by Theseus on the Isthmus of Corinth,

Scylla: Sea nymph changed to monster by Circe. She lived under rock of same

Scyros: Island in the Archipelago, the home of Lycomedes, visited by Achilles
and Theseus

Scythia: Country north of the Euxine Sea

Seasons: The four daughters of Jupiter and Themis

Secular Games: Games in honor of
Pluto every hundred years

Selene: Greek goddess of the moon, Roman counterpart Luna

Semele: Daughter of Cadmus; wife of Jupiter; mother of Bacchus

Seriphus: Island where Danae and Perseus were cast ashore,

Servius Tullius: Sixth king of Rome; son of
Vulcan and Ocrisia

Sestus: City opposite Abydus; the home of Hero

Seven Wonders of the World,

Sibyl: Prophetess of Cumae, who led Aeneas down to the infernal Regions

Sicania: Land where Anchises died; visited twice by Aeneas

Sicily: Island home of Polyphemus; visited by Arion
 - visited by
 - visited by Ulysses
 - visited by Aeneas,

Silenus: Tutor of Bacchus; generally represented on an ass

Silvanus: God of the woods; one of the lesser Roman divinities

Silver Age: Second age of the ancient world

Silvia: Daughter of Latin shepherd; her stag was wounded by Iulus

Sinis (The Pinebender): Giant encountered and slain by Theseus

Sinon: Greek slave, who advised the Trojans to secure the wooden horse,

Sipylus: Mountain where stood the statue of Niobe

Sirens: Maidens who allured mariners by their wondrous songs

Sirius: Favorite dog of Orion; a constellation,

Sisyphus: King condemned to roll a rock in Tartarus to the top of a steep hill,

Sol: Name frequently given to Apollo as god of the sun

Somnus: God of sleep; the child of Nox, and twin brother of Mors

Sparta: Capital of Lacedaemon; favorite city of Juno
 - home of Menelaus

Sphinx: Riddlegiving monster; slain by Oedipus
Stellio: Urchin changed to lizard by Ceres when searching for Proserpina

Steropes (Lightning): One of the Cyclopes; son of Uranus and Gaea

 Stheno: One of the three Gorgon sisters, immortal, like Euryale

Strophades: Islands where the Harpies took refuge when driven from Thrace
 - Aeneas visits the

Strophius: Father of Pylades; shelters Orestes

Stymphalus: Lake upon whose banks Hercules slew the brazen clawed birds

Styx: River in Hades, by whose waters the gods swore their most sacred oaths
 - Achilles bathed in the

Suadela: One of
Venus train of attendants; god of the soft speech of love

Sychaeus: King of Tyre; husband of Dido; murdered by Pygmalion

Symplegades: Floating rocks safely passed by the Argo

Syrinx: Nymph loved by Pan, and changed into reeds,

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