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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'R'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'R'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'R'.

Remus: Son of Mars and Ilia; twin brother of Romulus,


Rhadamanthus: Son of Jupiter and Europa; judge in Hades,

Rhea: Female Titan; daughter of Uranus and Gaea
 - wife of Cronus
 - Jupiter saved by
 - Corybantes, priests of
 - Cronus defeated by
 - Juno, daughter of
Pluto, son of
 - Ceres, daughter of
 - Vesta, daughter of

Rhodes: Island in the Mediterranean, where the Colossus stood

Rome: City founded by Romulus; it comprises seven hills

Romulus: Son of Mars and Ilia; founder of Rome,

 Rutules: Nation in Italy, governed by Turnus,
 -  Sagittarius: The constellation formed by Chiron, the Centaur who taught Hercules

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