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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'P'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'P'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'P'.

Pactolus: River in Asia Minor in which Midas washed, to remove his golden plague


Paean: Doctor of the Greek gods, No Roman counterpart

Palaemon: Greek god of sailors, Roman counterpart Portunus. Son of Athamas and Ino; changed into sea god

Palamedes: Messenger sent to summon Ulysses to war against Troy

Palinurus: Aeneas’ pilot; lost at sea off Cape Misenum,

Palladium: Statue of
 - stolen from Troy by Ulysses and Diomedes,

Pallas Titan Greek god of warfare, Roman counterpart No Roman counterpart

Pallas: Name given to Minerva in Athens
Son of Evander; slain by Turnus while fighting for Aeneas,

Pallor: Special attendant of Mars; lover of strife

Pan: Greek god of the Wild and fertility, Roman counterpart Faunus or Consentes, god of nature and the universe,

Panathenaea: Festivals held in honor of Minerva

Pandora: First woman; created in heaven, she brings evil into the world,

Parcae: The Fates, or Moerae; they spin the thread of destiny

Paris: Son of Priam and Hecuba
 - judgment of
 - visits Troy,
 - elopes with Helen
 - duel with Menelaus
 - in battle
 - Achilles slain by
 - death of

Parnassus: Mountain in Greece,
 - sacred to Apollo and the Muses

Parthenium: Mountain upon which Atalanta was exposed

Parthenon: Temple dedicated to Minerva at Athens

Patroclus: Friend of Achilles; slain by Hector

Pegasus: Steed born from the sea foam and the blood of Medusa,
 - Bellerophon rides
Peleus: Husband of Thetis; father of Achilles,

Pelias: Uncle of Jason; brother of Neleus
 - usurps the throne of Aeson,

Pelion: A high mountain in Thessaly, piled upon Ossa by the giants to reach

Peloponnesus: The peninsula south of Greece,

Pelops: Son of Tantalus; gave his name to the Peloponnesus
 - father of Copreus

Penates: Household gods worshiped in Rome with the Lares,
 - Aeneas saves the

Penelope: Wife of Ulysses
 - suitors of

A nymph, the mother of Pan

Peneus: River god; father of Daphne; changes Daphne into a laurel: Name of a river in Greece

Penthesilea: Queen of
Amazons; slain during Trojan war

Pentheus: King of Thebes; refuses to receive Bacchus, and is slain,

Periphetes: Son of
 - encountered and slain by Theseus

Persephone: Persephone Greek goddess of spring and flowers, queen of the Underworld, Roman counterpart Proserpina, goddess of vegetation

Perseus: Son of Jupiter and Danae; slays Medusa

Petasus: Name given to the winged cap worn by

Phaeacians: People who dwelt in Scheria, and sent Ulysses home

Phaedra: Daughter of Minos; wife of Theseus

Phaeton: Son of Apollo and Clymene; drives the sun car, and is slain

Phaetusa: Sister of Phaeton; one of the Heliades
 - Apollo’s flocks guarded by

Pherephatta: Name given to Persephone, or Proserpina

Phidias: Noted Greek sculptor; made statues of the gods,

Philemon: Husband of Baucis; changed into an oak,

Philoctetes: Friend of Hercules; receives his arrows

Philonoe: Daughter of Iobates; wife of Bellerophon

Phineus: The blind king of Thrace; annoyed by the Harpies

Phlegethon: One of the rivers of Hades; a river of fire

Phobos: Greek god of fear and panic, Roman counterpart Timor. One of the attendants of Mars, god of war

Phocis: Province in Greece, bounded by Doris, Locris, and the Gulf of Corinth

Phoebe: One of the Titanides,
 - same as Diana

Phoebus: Name given to Apollo, god of the sun and of medicine,

Phoenicia: Province in Asia Minor, named after Phoenix

Phoenix: Brother of Europa, who gave his name to Phoenicia,

Phryxus: Son of Athamas and Nephele; rides on goldenfleeced ram to Colchis,
Pirene: Fountain near Corinth, where Pegasus drinks

Pirithous: King of the Lapithae; friend of Theseus

Pleiades: Seven of Diana’s nymphs; pursued by Orion and changed into stars

Pluto: Same as Hades, Dis, Aïdoneus, etc: god of the Infernal Regions
 - birth of
 - Proserpina kidnapped by
 - Arethusa sees
 - Ceres visits
 - Perseus aided by
 - Theseus punished by
Plutus: Name given to Pluto when invoked as god of wealth

Podalirius: Son of Aesculapius; skilled in medicine

Podarces: Same as Priam, King of Troy;
slain by Pyrrhus

Polites: Last of Priam’s sons; slain at his feet by Pyrrhus

Pollux: Son of Jupiter and Leda; brother of Castor, Helen, and Clytaemnestra
Castor and Pollux were known by the name of the Dioscuri, from dios, gods, and kuroi, youths:
Polybus: King of Corinth; adopted Oedipus when forsaken by the servant

Polydectes: King of Seriphus; sends Perseus in quest of Medusa,

Polydorus: Trojan youth, murdered in Thrace; his grave discovered by Aeneas

Polyhymnia: Muse of rhetoric; daughter of Jupiter and Mnemosyne

Polynices: Son of Oedipus
 - slain by Eteocles
 - buried by Antigone

Polyphemus: Giant son of
 - Ulysses visits
 - Galatea loved by
 - blinded by Ulysses
 - Achemenides escapes from

Polyxena: Daughter of Priam; affianced wife of Achilles

Pomona: Goddess of the orchards; wife of Vertumnus

Pontus: Name given to the sea when first created,

Poseidon: Greek god of the Sea, Roman counterpart Neptune also of horse trainers

Pothos: God of the amities of love; one of the numerous attendants of

Priam: Same as Podarces
 - King of Troy
 - Paris received by
 - duel witnessed by
 - Hector, son of
 - Hector’s death seen by
 - Mercury leads
 - Polyxena, daughter of
 - death of,

Priapus: God of the shade; pursues the nymph Lotis,

Procris: Wife of Cephalus; slain by his unerring javelin,
Procrustes (The Stretcher): Encountered and slain by Theseus

Proetus: Husband of Anteia, and kinsman of Bellerophon,

Prometheus (Forethought): Greek god of forethought, Roman counterpart Prometheus
Son of Iapetus; man created by
 - Olympus visited by
 - chained to Caucasian Mountains
 - Hercules delivers,
 - Deucalion, son of
Epimetheus signifies after-thought, Prometheus fore-thought:  

Proserpina: Same as Proserpine and Persephone; goddess of vegetation
 - Orpheus visits
 - Adonis welcomed by
 - Pluto kidnaps
 - emblem of death

Protesilaus: First Greek who landed on Trojan coast,

Proteus: Inferior sea divinity; shepherd of the deep
 - Menelaus consults

Psyche: Greek goddess of compassion. Fair princess loved by Cupid; the emblem of the soul

Psychopompus: Name given to Mercury as leader of souls to Hades,

Pygmalion: Celebrated sculptor, who loves a statue,
Brother of Dido; murderer of Sychaeus, Dido’s husband

Pygmies: Race of small people in Africa; defended by Antaeus,

Pylades: Son of Strophius; intimate friend of Orestes

Pyramus: Faithful lover of Thisbe; commits suicide,

Pyrrha: Wife of Deucalion; the only woman who survives the Flood,

Pyrrhus: Same as Neoptolemus; son of Achilles

Pytheus: Surname given to Apollo as python slayer,

Pythia: Name given to Apollo’s priestess at Delphi

Pythian Games: Games celebrated at Delphi every three years

Python: Serpent born of the Deluge slime; slain by Apollo
This frightful monster had sprung from the slimy and stagnant waters which remained on the surface of the earth after the deluge of Deucalion

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