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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'N'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'N'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'N'.

Naiades: Fountain nymphs subject to Neptune


Napaeae: Valley nymphs, who looked after the flocks also

Narcissus: Youth loved by Echo; enamored with his own image

Nausicaa: Daughter of Alcinous and Arete; befriends Ulysses

Naxos: Island visited by Theseus and Bacchus,

Nectar: Beverage of the gods, poured out by Hebe and Ganymede. Ambrosia was the food of the gods

Neleus: Son of Neptune; brother of Pelias

Nemea: Forest in Greece, devastated by a lion slain by Hercules

Nemean Games: Games in honor of Jupiter and Hercules

Nemean Lion: Monster slain by Hercules

Nemesis: Greek goddess of consequences and revenge, Roman counterpart Invidia
 - pursues Orestes

Neoptolemus: Same as Pyrrhus; Achilles’ son; slays Priam

Nephele: Wife of Athamas; mother of Phryxus and Helle
Neptune: Same as Poseidon, god of the sea
 - son of Cronus
 - kingdom given to
 - Deluge controlled by,
 - horse created by
 - Delos created by
 - walls built by
 - Mars punished by
 - girl protected by
 - Vesta wooed by
 - Minos punished by
 - Pegasus created by
 - Hippolytus slain by
 - Thetis wooed by
 - Trojans punished by,
 - Polyphemus, son of
 - Ulysses’ men slain by,
 - Aeneas saved by

Nereides: Water nymphs; daughters of Nereus and Doris,

Nereus: God of the sea; the personification of its pleasant aspect,
 - father of Thetis

Nessus: The Centaur who carries Deianeira across the river; slain by Hercules,

Nestor: Greek hero during Trojan war; noted for wise counsel

Nike: Greek goddess of victory, Roman counterpart Victoria; attendant of Jupiter

Night: Same as
Nyx or Nox,

Nightmares: Attendants of Somnus, crouching in his cave

Niobe: Daughter of Tantalus, whose children are slain by Apollo and

Nisus: Youth who accompanies Euryalus to summon Aeneas back to camp

Noman: Name assumed by Ulysses to mislead Polyphemus,

Notus: Greek god of the South wind, Roman counterpart Auster. Southwest wind; son of Aeolus and

Nox: Same as Nyx, goddess of night; marries Chaos and

Numa Pompilius: Second king of Rome; built Vesta’s temple

Nymphs: Name given to female minor divinities

Nysiades: Nymphs who cared for Bacchus, and form a constellation

Nyx: Same as Nox, goddess of night; mother of Day and Light

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