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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'M'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'M'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'M'.

Machaon: Celebrated leech; son of Aesculapius
 - Philoctetes healed by


Maia: Goddess of the plains; mother of Mercury

Manes: Tutelary divinities of Roman households, with the
Lares and Penates

Marpessa: Daughter of Evenus; marries Idas

Mars: Same as Ares; son of Jupiter and Juno
 - god of war
 - Venus courted by
 - day of
 - descendants of

Marsyas: Shepherd who enters into competition with Apollo,
Name of river

Martius, Campus: Roman exercising grounds

Matronalia: Festivals in honor of Juno, in Rome

Medea: Daughter of Aeetes,
 - wife of Jason
 - wife of Aegeus,

Media: Country in Asia Minor, where Medea took refuge

Mediterranean: Sea dividing world in two

Medusa: Gorgon slain by Perseus, whose hair was turned into snakes
 - Neptune marries
 - Pegasus, offspring of

Megaera: One of the Furies, Eumenides, or Erinnyes

Megara: First wife of Hercules, whose three children he burns in his madness

Meleager: Son of Oeneus and Althaea; leader of Calydonian Hunt,

Melian Nymphs: Nymphs who nursed Jupiter in infancy

Melinoe Greek goddess of ghosts, Roman counterpart Orcus

Melpomene: One of the Muses; presides over tragedy

Memphis: Town in Egypt, founded by Epaphus

Menelaus: King of Sparta; husband of Helen of Troy
 - Paris fights
 - return of
 - Telemachus visits

Menetius: One of the four sons of Iapetus and Clymene

Mentor: Name assumed by
Minerva to act as a guide for Telemachus,

Mercuralia: Festivals in honor of Mercury, the messenger god

Mercury: Same as Hermes; son of Jupiter and Maia
 - Pandora guided by,
 - Jupiterís ally
 - Adonis guided by
 - Mars delivered by
 - Bacchus guarded by
Proserpina guided by
 - Lara loved by
 - day of
 - leader of dreams
 - Perseus helped by
 - Pan, son of
 - Protesilaus guided by
 - Priam led by
 - Ulysses aided by,
 - Aeneas aided by

Merope: Daughter of Oenopion; promised bride of Orion

Metaneira: Wife of Celeus, king of Eleusis; mother of Triptolemus

Metis: Daughter of Oceanus; gives a potion to Cronus

Metus: Attendant of Mars; god of war and strife

Mezentius: Father of Lausus; slain by Aeneas

Midas: King of Lydia,
 - changed all he touched to gold

Milanion: Same as Hippomenes; husband of Atalanta

Milo: Island where statue of Venus was found

Minerva: Same as Athene, goddess of wisdom; daughter of Jupiter
 - man given soul by
 - flute of
 - Vulcan wooes
 - contest of Neptune and
 - Medusa punished by
 - Perseus aided by
 - gift to
 - Argo built by
 - Bellerophon helped by
 - Juno and Venus dispute with
 - Ulysses aided by
Minervalia: Festivals in honor of Minerva, in Rome

Minos: King of Crete
 - father of Ariadne and Phaedra,
Son of Jupiter and Europa; judge in Hades,

Minotaur: Monster which Minos kept in the Labyrinth

Mithras Greek god of soldiers, light, truth, and honor, Roman counterpart Mithras
Mnemosyne: A Titanide,
 - goddess of memory; wife of Jupiter; mother of the Muses

Moerae: The Fates, or Parcae, who spin, twist, and cut the thread of life

Momos Greek god of mockery and blame, No Roman counterpart

Moros Greek god of Doom, No Roman counterpart

Morpheus: Morpheus Greek god of Dreams, Roman counterpart Somnia. Prime minister of Somnus, god of sleep,

Mors: Same as Thanatos, god of death,

Mosychlus: Mountain in Lemnos, where Vulcan fell from heaven

Musagetes: Apolloís name when he led the choir of the Muses

Muses, the Nine: Daughters of Jupiter and Mnemosyne,
 - mount of the

Mycenae: Favorite city of Juno, with Sparta and Argos
 - Perseus exchanges Argos for
Myrmidons:  Achillesí followers; led by Patroclus,

Mysteries: Religious rites celebrated in honor of the God of Wine

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