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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'L'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'L'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'L'.

Kakia: Goddess of vice; tries to mislead Hercules

Khione Greek goddess of snow, Roman counterpart Chione

Labyrinth: A maze in Crete, constructed by Daedalus for the Minotaur

Lacedaemonia: Province in Peloponnesus; capital Sparta, also name of Sparta

Lacedaemonians: Inhabitants of Lacedaemonia, or Sparta

Lachesis: One of the Fates; twists the thread of life

Ladon: Dragon which guarded golden apples of Hesperides

Laertes: Father of Ulysses,
 - Penelope weaves his shroud

Laestrygonians: Cannibals visited by Ulysses

Laius: Father of Oedipus
 - slain by him

Lampetia: One of the Heliades
 - guards the cattle of the sun,

Laocoon: Trojan priest; crushed to death by two serpents

Laodamia: Wife of Protesilaus; dies of grief,

Laomedon: King of Troy; employs Neptune and Apollo to build walls,

Lapithae: People who dwelt in Thessaly and fought the Centaurs,
 - Ixion, king of
 - Pirithous, king of

Lara: Wife of Mercury; mother of the two Lares

Lares: Two tutelary divinities of ancient Roman households
 - saved by Anchises

Latin: Names of days in

Latins: People of Latinus and Aeneas
 - Aeneas fights

Latinus: King of Latium
 - welcomes and then wars against Aeneas
 - Aeneas makes peace with

Latium: Province of Italy, ruled by Latinus
 - Aeneas comes to

Latmus: Mountain in Asia Minor, where Endymion lies asleep

Latona: Same as Leto; wife of Jupiter; mother of Apollo and Diana,
 - boast of

Lausus: Hero slain by Aeneas during wars against the Rutules

Lavinia: Daughter of Latinus,
 - Aeneas’ second wife,

Leander: Youth of Abydus; Hero’s lover, who swam the Hellespont

Learchus: Son of Athamas and Ino; slain by his father

Leda: Mother of Castor and Pollux, Helen and Clytaemnestra

Lelaps: The tireless hunting dog given by Procris to Cephalus

 Lemnos: Island in the Grecian Archipelago; Vulcan landed there
 - Philoctetes on

Lerna: Marsh where the Hydra lay concealed

Lethe: River of forgetfulness, which separated the Elysian Fields from Hades,

Leto: Greek goddess of motherhood, Roman counterpart Latona; mother of Apollo and Diana
Leucothea: Same as Ino, Athamas’ wife; sea goddess
 - Ulysses rescued by

Liber: Same as Bacchus, god of wine and revelry

Liberalia: Festivals in honor of Liber, or Bacchus, held in the autumn

Libya: Ancient name of Africa; coast upon which Aeneas landed,

Lichas: Bearer of the Nessus robe; slain by Hercules

Light: Same as Aether

Lipari Islands: Same as Aeolian Islands, where Ulysses landed

Little Bear: Arcas changed into the constellation of the

Lotis: Nymph changed into a lotus blossom

Lotophagi: People whose food was the lotus; the Lotuseaters

Love: Same as Eros, Cupid, etc: Psyche courted by

Loves: Attendants of Venus

Lower Regions: Visited by Aeneas

Lunae: Same as Diana

Lycia: Land ruled by Iobates, who sends
Bellerophon to slay the Chimera,

Lycomedes: King of Scyros; treacherously slays Theseus
 - shelters Achilles,

Lycus: Antiope’s second husband; slain by Amphion and Zethus

Lydia: Kingdom of Midas, in Asia Minor,

Lynceus: Husband of Hypermnestra, who spared his life

Lyncus: King of Scythia; changed into a lynx by Ceres

Lyra: Orpheus’ lute; placed in heavens as a constellation

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