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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'J'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'J'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'J'.

Janiculum: City on the Tiber, founded by Janus


God of all beginnings, of entrances, gates (no Greek counterpart)

Janus Quadrifons: A square temple dedicated to Janus

Jason: Son of Aeson; captured the golden fleece

Jocasta: Wife of Laius
 - marries Oedipus, her son
 - commits suicide
Jove: Same as
 - birth of
 - day of
 - Leda courted by
 - decree of

Juno: Birth of
 - flight of
 - Jupiterís wife
 - same as Hera
 - jealousy of,
 - Mars, son of
Vulcan, son of
 - Tityus insults
 - Aeolus, servant of
 - Hercules persecuted by
 - Jason carries
 - Jason aided by,
 - contest of
Minerva and Venus with
 - Troy destroyed by
 - Aeneas persecuted by

Jupiter: Birth of
 - supremacy of
 - giants defeated by
 - kingdom divided by
 - Prometheus punished by
Mercury, messenger of,
 - Deluge caused by
 - same as Jove
 - Juno courted by
 - Minerva borne by
Latona courted by
 - Aesculapius slain by
 - Amphion, son of
 - Phaeton slain by
 - Muses, daughters of
 - Venus, daughter of
 - Graces, daughters of
 - Venus borrows thunderbolts of
 - Mercury, son of
 - Io courted by,
 - Mars, son of
 - Vulcan, son of
 - thunderbolts of,
Neptune exiled by
 - Semele courted by
  - Hercules, son of,
 - games in honor of,
 - Hercules saved by
 - Danae courted by,
 - Helen, daughter of,
 - Bellerophon punished by
 - Thetis loved by,
 - Thetis seeks
 - interference of
 - Sarpedon, son of
 - Apollo appeased by
Justice: Same as Themis
 - mother of seasons

Juturna: Sister and charioteer of Turnus

Juventas: Same as Hebe, goddess of youth

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