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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'I'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'I'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'I'.

Iapetus: One of the Titans; father of Prometheus


Iapis: Leech consulted by Aeneas; cures Aeneas with Venusí aid

Iasius: Same as Iasion; father of Atalanta,

Icarus: Son of Daedalus; fell into the Icarian Sea

Ida: Mountain in Crete, and near Troy also,

 Idas: A mortal befriended by
Neptune; elopes with Marpessa

Ilia: One of the Titanides; daughter of Uranus and Gaea
Priestess of
Vesta; wife of Mars; mother of Romulus and Remus,

Iliad: Homerís epic poem on the Trojan war

Ilium: Same as Troy whence comes the Iliadís name,

Inachus: River god (father of Io),

Infernal Regions: Judges in the
 - Orpheus visits
 - Adonis visits
Plutoís realm
Proserpinaís sojourn in
 - Aeneas visits

Ino: Same as Leucothea; second wife of Athamas; daughter of Cadmus and

Io: Maiden loved by Jupiter; changed into a heifer
Iobates: King of Lycia; recipient of the sealed letter carried by Bellerophon

Iolaus: Friend of Hercules; helped slay the Hydra

Iolcus: Kingdom of Aeson and Jason; usurped by Pelias

Iole: Maiden loved by Hercules,
Ion: Grandson of Hellen; ancestor of Ionian race

Ionian Race: Race descended from Ion, grandson of Hellen

Ionian Sea: Sea west of Greece, named after Io,

Iphigenia: Daughter of Agamemnon; sacrificed to
 - Orestes finds

Iris: Greek goddess of the rainbow, Roman counterpart Arcus. Attendant of Juno

Iron Age: Fourth and last age previous to the Deluge

Isles of the Blest: Islands west of Oceanus, inhabited by the virtuous dead,
 - Ulysses searches for

Ismarus: Town in Thrace, spoiled by Ulysses

Ismene: Daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta
 - dies of grief

Isthmian Games: Games held in honor of Neptune, at Corinth, every four years

Saturn retires to
 - Ceres returns to
 - Janus, king of

Ithaca: Ulyssesí island kingdom
 - Ulysses arrives in sight of
 - Ulysses returns to,
 - Telemachus returns to
 - home of Penelope:

Iulus: Aeneasí son; Aeneas saves
 - Cupid assumes form of
 - stag wounded by
 - brave defense by

Ivory Gate: Gate leading from cave of Somnus to outer world,

Ixion: Criminal in Tartarus; bound to wheel of fire

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