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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'E'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'E'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'E'.

Echo: Nymph who pined for love of Narcissus; changed to a voice,
 - answers Cephalus
 - mocks Ariadne

Eileithyia Greek goddess of childbirth, Roman counterpart Natio

Eirene (one of the Horae) Greek goddess of plenty and prosperity, Roman counterpart Abundantia

Egypt: Gods take refuge in
 - Io takes refuge in
 - Menelaus and Helen detained in

Electra: Daughter of Agamemnon; saves Orestes

Eleusinia: Festivals at Eleusis, in honor of Ceres and

Eleusis: City in Greece visited by Ceres during her search for Proserpina,

Elis: Province of the Peloponnesus; Alpheus in
 - Augeas, king of

Elpenor: Follower of Ulysses; dies in Island of Aeaea

Elpis Greek god of Hope, Roman counterpart Spes

Elysian Fields: Abode of the blessed in Hades
 - Cleobis and Biton conveyed to
 - Adonis conveyed to

Enceladus: Giant defeated by Jupiter; buried under Mt. Aetna

Endymion: Youth loved by
Diana, who carries him to a cave on Mt. Latmus

Enna: Plain in Sicily; favorite resort of Proserpina

Enyo: Greek goddess of war and peacekeeping, Roman counterpart Bellona

Eos: Greek goddess of dawn, Roman counterpart Aurora
 - jealousy of,
 - winds, offspring of

Epaphus: Son of Jupiter and Io; founder of Memphis

Ephesus: City in Asia Minor sacred to Diana

Ephialtes: Giant son of
 - brother of Otus; imprisons Mars

Epigoni: Sons of the seven chiefs who besieged Thebes

Epimetheus: Greek god of afterthought, Roman counterpart Epimetheus
Epimetheus (Afterthought): Son of Iapetus
 - husband of Pandora
Epimetheus signifies after-thought, Prometheus fore-thought

Epirus: Country visited by Aeneas, who meets Andromache there

Erato: One of the Muses; daughter of Jupiter and Mnemosyne

Erebus: God of darkness
 - marries his mother, Night
 - progenitor of egg
 - dethroned

Eridanus: River into which Phaeton fell from the sun chariot
 - Hercules consults nymphs of

Erinnyes: Collective name given to the Furies

Eris: Eris Greek goddess of war, Roman counterpart
Discordia, goddess of discord and strife
 - apple cast by

Erisichthon: An unbeliever; punished by famine

Eros: Greek god of love, Roman counterpart Cupid
 - child of Light and Day
 - arrows of,
 - egg produces
 - causes manís creation
 - manís life given by

Erymanthus: Place where Hercules slew the wild boar

 Erythea: Island home of Geryones; visited by Hercules

Eteocles: Son of Oedipus and Jocasta
 - reigns one year
 - slain by his brother

Ethiopia: Country visited by Bacchus

Ethiopians: Happy race of Africa, south of the river Oceanus; visited by the gods

Euboean or Euboic Sea: Sea where Hercules cast Lichas

Eumaeus: Swineherd visited by Ulysses on his return to Ithaca,
 - Ulysses aided by

Eumenides: Collective name given to Furies
 - forest sacred to

Euphrosyne: One of the three Graces or Charites; attendant of

Europa: Daughter of Agenor; wife of Jupiter,
 - mother of Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Sarpedon,

Eurotas: River near Sparta, where Helen bathed

Eurus: Greek god of the east wind, Roman counterpart Vulturnus
son of Aeolus and Aurora

Euryale: One of the three terrible Gorgons

Euryalus: Youth sent with Nisus to warn Aeneas that his son was in danger

Euryclea: Nurse of Ulysses; recognizes him after twenty yearsí absence
 - Penelope awakened by

Eurydice: Wife of Orpheus, who seeks her in Hades

Eurylochus: Leader of Ulyssesí men
 - escaped Circeís spell
 - Ulyssesí men misled by

Eurynome: Wife of Jupiter; mother of the Graces

Eurystheus: Herculesí taskmaster; appointed twelve labors

Eurytus: Ioleís father; visited twice by Hercules

Euterpe: One of the Muses; presided over music

Eutychia Greek goddess of success, Roman counterpart Felicitas

Euxine Sea: Same as Pontus Euxinus, or the Black Sea

Evander: King of Tuscans; ally of Aeneas; father of Pallas,

Evenus: Father of Marpessa; drowned himself in river of same name
 - Hercules crosses
 -  Fama: Attendant of Jupiter, goddess of fame

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