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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'D'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'D'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'D'.

Daedalus: Architect who planned the Cretan Labyrinth
 - inventor of sails


Danae: Maiden visited by Jupiter as a golden shower; mother of Perseus

Danaides: Daughters of Danaus, who slay their husbands,

Danaus: King of Argos; father of the fifty Danaides

Danube: River of Europe; Medea slays Absyrtus near its mouth

Daphne: Maiden loved by Apollo, and changed into a laurel tree

Dardanus: Ancient king of Troy, who gives his name to his race
 - mares of

Deianeira: Wife of Hercules
 - causes Herculesí death by using the Nessus robe,

Deiphobus: Son of Priam and Hecuba; married Helen after the death of Paris

Deimos Greek god of terror, Roman counterpart Formido

Delos: Floating island; birthplace of Apollo and
 - shrine of Apollo at
Delphi: Shrine of Apollo, famed for its oracles
 - Ceyx visits
 - Oedipus consults oracle at,
 - Orestes at

Deluge: Caused by Jupiterís wrath
 - slime from

Demeter: Same as Ceres; goddess of agriculture,

Demios (Dread): Attendant or son of Mars

Destiny: One of the ancient deities not subjected to Jupiter

Deucalion: Only male survivor of Deluge; father of Hellen,

Dia: Maiden loved and deserted by Ixion, king of the Lapithae

Diana: Goddess of the moon and chase; daughter of Jupiter and

Dido: Queen of Tyre and Carthage; loved and deserted by Aeneas
 - Aeneas sees, in Hades

Diomedes: Greek hero during Trojan war
 - recovers Patroclusí body
 - helps Ulysses secure the Palladium
The possessor of horses taken by Hercules

Dione: Mother of
Venus by Jupiter; goddess of beauty, love, laughter, etc

Dionysia: Festivals held in Greece in honor of Dionysus

Dionysus: Greek god of wine, celebrations and fertility, Roman counterpart Bacchus

Dioscuri: Collective name given to Castor and Pollux

Dioscuria: Festivals in honor of Castor and Pollux

 Dirce: Wife of Lycus; bound to a bull by Amphion and Zethus

Dis: Same as
Pluto, god of Infernal Regions,

Discordia, or Eris: Goddess of discord
 - she appears at Peleusí marriage feast

Dodona: Temple and grove sacred to Jupiter

Dolphin: Constellation

Dorian Race: Descendants of Dorus

Doris: Wife of Nereus,

Dorus: Son of Hellen; ancestor of Dorian race

Dreams: Spirits in cave of Somnus; passed out through gates of ivory and horn,
Mercury, leader of

Drepanum: Land visited by Aeneas, where Anchises died

Dryades: Plant nymphs, supposed to watch over vegetation

Dryope: Princess changed into a tree

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