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Greek & Roman Mythology starting with 'C'

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Greek and Roman Mythology starting with 'C'
Short definitions in the Greek and Roman Mythology Dictionary and glossary of terms starting with the letter 'C'.

Cacus: Son of Vulcan
 - giant slain by Hercules on Mount Aventine


Cadmus: Brother of Europa; founder of Thebes
He killed a dragon that guarded a spring, and when (on Athena's advice) he sowed the dragon's teeth, there came up a harvest of armed men
 - husband of Harmonia
 - daughter of
 - dragontooth seed of

Caduceus: Wand or staff given to
Mercury by Apollo

Caesar: Unborn soul of Roman hero, seen by Anchises in Hades

Calais: Son of Boreas and Orithyia

Calchas: Soothsayer of the Greeks during the Trojan war

Calliope: One of the nine Muses, loved by Apollo
 - mother of Orpheus

Callisto: Maiden loved by Jupiter; changed into a bear by Juno; the Great Bear

Calydon: Home of Meleager; site of Calydonian Hunt

Calydonian Hunt: Organized by Meleager to slay a boar

Calypso: Nymph who detained Ulysses on Ogygia seven years

Camilla: Volscian maiden; fights, and is slain by, Aeneas,
 - dedicated to

Camillus: Unborn soul of Roman hero, seen by Anchises in Hades

Campus martius: Roman exercising grounds sacred to Mars

Cancer: Crab which attacked Hercules to defend the Hydra; a constellation

Capitol: Temple dedicated to Jupiter in Rome

Carthage: A city in Africa, built by Dido, visited by Aeneas

A daughter of the Trojan king Priam, who was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo. When she cheated him, however, he turned this into a curse by causing her prophecies, though true, to be disbelieved

Cassiopeia: The wife of Cepheus, king of Ethiopia, and mother of Andromeda
 - a constellation

He was a son of Zeus and Leda. He, like his brother was born from an egg after Zeus visited Leda disguised as a swan..
One of the Dioscuri or Gemini,
 - rescue of Helen by
 - Argonauts joined by
 - Calydonian Hunt joined by
Castor and Pollux were known by the name of the Dioscuri, from dios, gods, and kuroi, youths

Caucasian Mountains: Same as Caucasus; Prometheus chained to,

Cecrops: Founder of Athens
 - descendants of

Celaeno: One of the Harpies; frightens Aeneas by prophesying harm

Celeus: King of Eleusis; father of Triptolemus
Father of Andromeda

Centaur, A creature with the head, arms, and torso of a man and the body and legs of a horse
Children of Ixion, half man, half horse; Chiron
 - Hercules fights
 - battle of,
 - Nessus

Centimani (Hundred handed): Three sons of Uranus and Gaea,

Cephalus: Hunter loved by Procris and

Cerberus: Three-headed dog which guarded the entrance of Hades
 - Hercules captures,

Cercyon: Son of Vulcan
 - encountered by Theseus

Cerealia: Festivals in honor of Ceres, goddess of agriculture

Ceres: Same as Demeter, goddess of agriculture and civilization,
 - Cronus disgorges
 Psyche consults,
Neptune loves
 Pelops’ shoulder eaten by
Cerynea: Town of Achaia

Ceryneian Stag: Stag taken by Hercules; one of his labors
Labors of Hercules

Cestus: Venus’ magic, love inspiring girdle

Ceyx: King of Thessaly; shipwrecked, and changed with his wife Halcyone into

Chaos: The first of all divinities, who ruled over confusion,
 - ejection of
 - daughter of

Charites: The three Graces; attendants of Venus

Charon: Charon The Ferryman, Roman counterpart Charon. The boatman who ferries the souls over Acheron
 - Aeneas ferried by

Charybdis: Whirlpool near the coast of Sicily

Chimera: Monster slain by Bellerophon
Chione: Daughter of Boreas and Orithyia

Chios: One of the islands of the Archipelago

Chiron: Learned Centaur,
 - death of

Chryseis: Daughter of Chryses; taken by Agamemnon,

Chryses: Father of Chryseis; priest of Apollo; brings a plague on the Greek

Ciconians: Inhabitants of Ismarus, visited by Ulysses

Cilicia: Province in Asia Minor, between Aeolia and Troas

Cratos Greek god of strength and power, Roman counterpart Potestas

The Cyclops were one-eyed giants and are generally mentioned as the sons of Uranus and Gća, but Homer speaks of Polyphemus, the chief of the Cyclops, as the son of Poseidon, and states the Cyclops to be his brothers

Cilix: Brother of Europa; founder of Cilicia,

Cimmerian Shores: Land visited by Ulysses to consult Tiresias

Circe: Sister of Aeetes; sorceress who changes Ulysses’ men into swine
Cleobis: Brother of Biton; a devoted son

Cleopatra: Daughter of Boreas and Orithyia

Clio: One of the nine Muses

Clotho: One of the Fates; she spins the thread of life

Clymene: Wife of Iapetus; an ocean nymph
Nymph loved by Apollo; mother of Phaeton,

Clytaemnestra: Wife of Agamemnon; slain by Orestes
Clytie: Maiden who loves Apollo, and is changed into a sunflower

Cocytus: River in Hades, formed of tears of the condemned,

Coeus: One of the Titans; son of Uranus and Gaea

Colchian Land: Ram bears Phryxus to
 - Argonauts arrive at
 - Argonauts depart from
 - sailors of

Colchis: Land in Asia ruled by Aeetes, where the golden fleece was kept,
 - return from

Colonus: Forest sacred to Furies, where Oedipus vanished in a storm

Colossus: Statue of Apollo in the Island of Rhodes

Consentes: Same as Pan, god of the universe and of nature

Copreus: Son of Pelops; owner of the marvelous horse Arion

Cora: Same as Proserpina, goddess of vegetation

Corinth: City and isthmus between Greece proper and the Peloponnesus
 - Sisyphus, king of,
 - Sciron at
 - Polybus, king of,

Corona: Constellation, also known as Ariadne’s Crown

Coronis: Maiden loved by Apollo; mother of Aesculapius,
Corus: Northwest wind; son of Aeolus and Aurora

Corybantes: Same as Curetes; Rhea’s priests

Cottus: One of the Centimani; son of Uranus and Gaea

Creon: Father of Jocasta and of Megara
 - King of Thebes

Cretan Bull: Hercules captures

Crete: Island home of Minos
 - Menelaus’ journey to
 - Aeneas’ sojourn in
 - Zeus, king of

Creusa: Wife of Aeneas; killed in attempting to fly from Troy
Same as Glauce; maiden loved by Jason

Crius: One of the Titans; son of Uranus and Gaea

Cronus: Same as Saturn; a Titan who rules supreme; father of Jupiter
 - daughters of
 - son of

Crumissa: Island where Neptune carried Theophane; birthplace of the
goldenfleeced ram

Cumae: Cave where the Sibyl gave her prophecies

Cupid, or Cupido: Same as Amor, god of love; son of Venus and Mars,
 - growth of
 - darts of
 - Psyche and,

Curetes: Same as Corybantes; Rhea’s priests

Cyane: River which tried to stop Pluto when he kidnapped Proserpina

Cybele: Same as Rhea, goddess of the earth
 - chariot of

Cyclopes: Three children of Uranus and Gaea,
 - thunderbolts forged by
 - Orion visits the
 - Vulcan and the
 - Island of the
 - Aeneas warned against
Cyclops: Polyphemus the,

Cycnus: Intimate friend of Phaeton

Cyllene: Mountain upon which Mercury was born,

Cynthia: Same as Diana, goddess of the moon and the chase,

Cynthius: Name given to Apollo, god of the sun and fine arts

Cyparissus: Friend of Apollo; turned to a cypress tree

Cyprus: Island in the Mediterranean sacred to Venus

Cytherea: Name given to Venus, goddess of beauty, love, and laughter

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