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Menoetius for kids
Discover the myths surrounding Menoetius, the Titan god of violent anger and rash action. The Titans were members of a mythological race of giants who ruled the Earth until overthrown by Zeus and the Olympian gods during the battle of the gods called the Titanomachy. Menoetius was the son of Iapetus and Clymene
from the very first dynasty of Titan gods. The name Menoitios was derived derives from the Greek word 'menos' meaning might, force, and battery, and the Greek word 'oitos' meaning ill-fated or doomed.

Who was Menoetius?
Menoetius was the second generation of Titan gods and was worshipped as the dark Titan god of violent anger and rash action. He was described as a violent, insolent and overbearing man. He was one of the extraordinary number of gods and goddesses worshipped by the Ancient Greeks. The Titans were the descendents of the first  gods or divinities, called the primordial or primeval gods, who were born out of Chaos. The children of the Titans included the famous Olympian gods who included Zeus, Hera, Hestia, Hades and Poseidon and are shown on the Titans Family tree. The legend and myth about Menoetius, the god of violent anger and rash action,  and the Titans has been passed down through the ages and plays an important role in the history of the Ancient World of Greece and the study of the Greek classics.

Facts about Menoetius
Menoetius features in the Creation myth of the ancient Greeks which are based on the idea that these supernatural beings resembled mortals but possessed great magical and mystic powers.

  • Name: Menoetius

  • Alternate Names: Menoitios

  • Role & Function: The function of Menoetius is described as being the god of violent anger and rash action

  • Status: A god in the second dynasty of Titans

  • Gender: Male

  • Name of Wife / Consort: None

  • Name of Father: Iapetus

  • Name of Mother: Clymene

  • Names of Brothers: Atlas, Epimetheus and Prometheus.

  • Names of Sisters: None

  • Names of Children: None

Menoetius and the Battle of the Titans
Menoetius fought on the side of the old Titan gods, in the Battle of the Titans, also called the Titanomachy, which was  a power struggle between the elder Titan gods and the younger generation of gods who became known as the Olympians. He supported and fought for the Othrysians (the Titan gods who were based on Mount Othrys) with his father Iapetus and his brother Atlas. Their adversities included his two other brothers, Epimetheus and Prometheus. Menoetius was wounded by Zeus with a flash of lightning during the War of the Titans. As both sides of the war were immortal, no permanent casualties were possible and Menoetius was subsequently banished to Tartarus, the infernal region of hell in the Underworld for his intolerable insolence.

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