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Roman Gods Names 'T'

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Dictionary of Roman Gods Names starting with 'T'
This section of the Dictionary of Roman Gods Names provides Roman gods and goddesses names that feature in Roman myths and legends. Roman gods and goddesses names  with short definitions of their roles in the Dictionary of Roman gods and goddesses.

Tartarus the primeval god of the dark, stormy pit of Hades
Tellumo or Tellurus, male counterpart of Terra, god of the earth and land..
Tempestas, a goddess of storms or sudden weather, usually plural as the Tempestates
Terra Mater or Tellus, goddess of the earth and land.
Terminus, the rustic god of boundaries
Thalassa, Titan Goddess of the rivers
Thea, Mother of the Sun and Titan Goddess of all that glitters
Themis was the Titan goddess of justice and order
Tiberinus, river god; deity of the Tiber river.
Tibertus, god of the river Anio, a tributary of the Tiber.
Tranquillitas, goddess of peace and tranquility.
Trivia, goddess of crossroads

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