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Roman Gods Names 'S'

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Dictionary of Roman Gods Names starting with 'S'
This section of the Dictionary of Roman Gods Names provides Roman gods and goddesses names that feature in Roman myths and legends. Roman gods and goddesses names  with short definitions of their roles in the Dictionary of Roman gods and goddesses.

Salacia, goddess of seawater, wife of Neptune.
Salus, goddess of the public welfare of the Roman people
Sancus, god of loyalty, honesty, and oaths
Saritor, God of weeding and hoeing
Saturn, a titan, god of harvest and agriculture
Scotus, Primordial God of darkness
Securitas, goddess of security, especially the security of the Roman empire
Semonia, Goddess of sowing
Silvanus, god of woodlands and forests
Sol was the solar deity in Ancient Roman religion.
Sol Invictus, sun god.
Somnus, god of sleep
Soranus, a Roman god of the Underworld
Sors, god of luck.
Spes, goddess of hope.
Stata Mater, goddess who protected against fires
Sterquilinus god of fertilizer. Also known as Stercutus, Sterculius, Straculius, Struculius
Stimula, Goddess who incites passion in women
Suadela, goddess of persuasion
Subrincinator, God of weeding
Summanus, god of nocturnal thunder.

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