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Roman Gods Names 'P'

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Dictionary of Roman Gods Names starting with 'P'
This section of the Dictionary of Roman Gods Names provides Roman gods and goddesses names that feature in Roman myths and legends. Roman gods and goddesses names  with short definitions of their roles in the Dictionary of Roman gods and goddesses.

Palatua, goddess who guarded the Palatine Hill.
Pales, god of shepherds, flocks and livestock.
Parcae, the three fates.
Pax, goddess of peace
Penates or Di Penates, household gods.
Picumnus, god of fertility, agriculture, matrimony, infants and children.
Picus, god of agriculture
Pietas, goddess of piety
Pilumnus, minor guardian god, concerned with the protection of infants at birth.
Pluto, god of the Underworld identified with Dis pater or Orcus.
Poena, goddess of punishment
Pomona, goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards
Pontus, Primordial God of the sea
Porrima, goddess of the future
Porus, God of plenty
Portunes, god of ports and harbors
Postverta or Prorsa Postverta, goddess of childbirth and the past
Priapus, God of gardens
Proserpina, Queen of the Dead and a grain-goddess
Providentia, goddess of forethought.
Pudicitia, goddess of chastity
Puta, Goddess of the pruning of vines and trees

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