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Roman Gods Names 'D'

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Dictionary of Roman Gods Names starting with 'D'
This section of the Dictionary of Roman Gods Names provides Roman gods and goddesses names that feature in Roman myths and legends. Roman gods and goddesses names  with short definitions of their roles in the Dictionary of Roman gods and goddesses.

Dea Dia, goddess of growth.
Dea Tacita ("The Silent Goddess"), a goddess of the dead
Decima, goddess of childbirth and measurer of the thread of life
Devera, goddess who ruled over the brooms used to purify temples
Deverra was the Goddess of midwives and women in labor
Diana, goddess of the hunt, the moon, virginity, and childbirth, twin sister of Apollo
Diana Nemorensis, local version of Diana
Dies, Primordial Goddess of the daytime
Dione, Titan Goddess of the Moon
Discordia was the Goddess of Strife and Discord
Dius Fidius, god of oaths, associated with Jupiter.
Disciplina, personification of discipline.
Dis Pater or Dispater, god of wealth and the underworld
Domitius, god who preserves the home (domus) of newlyweds

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