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Roman Gods Names 'C'

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Dictionary of Roman Gods Names starting with 'C'
This section of the Dictionary of Roman Gods Names provides Roman gods and goddesses names that feature in Roman myths and legends. Roman gods and goddesses names  with short definitions of their roles in the Dictionary of Roman gods and goddesses.

Caca, a fire goddess
Cacus, an ancient god of fire
Caelus, Titan God of the heavens
Camenae, goddesses of fresh water, prophecy, and childbirth. Their names were Carmenta, Egeria, Antevorta, and Postvorta.
Cardea, goddess of the hinge
Carmenta, goddess of childbirth and prophecy
Carmentes, two goddesses of childbirth: Antevorta and Postvorta, future and past.
Carna, goddess who preserved the health of the heart and other internal organs
Candelifera was the Goddess of childbirth
Carmenta was the Goddess of Childbirth and Prophecy
Ceres, goddess of the harvest and mother of Proserpina
Chaos, the first of all the gods, who ruled over confusion
Cinxia, Goddess of marriage
Clementia, goddess of forgiveness and mercy.
Cloacina, goddess who presided over the system of sewers in Rome
Coelus, God of the sky
Coeus, Titan God of Intelligence
Collatina, a goddess of hills
Concordia, goddess of agreement, understanding, and marital harmony.
Consus, god protecting grain storage
Convector, God of bringing in of the crops from the fields
Crius, Titan God of the constellations
Cunina, Goddess of infants
Cupid, god of love and the son of Venus
Cura, deity of care and concern
Cybele the Earth Mother, goddess of charity and retribution

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