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Greek Gods Names 'L'

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Dictionary of Greek Gods Names starting with 'L'

This section of the Dictionary of Greek Gods Names provides Greek Gods Names that feature in Greek myths and legends. Greek Gods Names  with short definitions of their roles in the Dictionary of Greek Gods Names starting with the letter 'L'.

Lachesis, one of the Fates, the measurer of the life thread
Lamia a vampiric Underworld spirit or spirits in the train of Hecate
Lampades the torch-bearing Underworld nymphs
Lethe one of the Potamoi (a river god)
Lethe the spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion, and of the river of the same name
Leto was the Titan goddess of motherhood and modesty
Limos the spirit of hunger and starvation
Lilaea (one of the Naides, a fresh water nymph)
Lips god of the southwest wind
Lupe the spirit of "pain, grief, sadness"
Lyssa the spirit of rage, fury and rabies in animals

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